The word "indigo" brings so many flashes of association - the colour, the plants, a budget Indian airline!

However for me, the main meaning is "transformation and wonderment". The magic of fermenting a plant and extracting the colour - the excitement of pulling green fabric from a dye pot and watching it oxidise and become blue. The wonder of human ingenuity in discovering the process. Indigo is all about the hidden being revealed.
Penny Jewell, 2016

Afterglow | Carly Le Cerf

Australian Artist Carly Le Cerf is known for her aerial and vista landscape paintings of the Great Southern Region, Western Australia. She creates her unique works using a mixed media of encaustic painting medium, acrylic and oil paint layered and applied to the board to create a highly textured effect. She spends hours on each piece, allowing the process to have a voice while it takes her on a journey of discovery towards a pure and personal expression of the landscape.

'Afterglow' is a series of works derived from a plein air expedition Carly undertook throughout the region in October this year. Paintings, sketches and photographs from the journey have been developed by Carly into this exhibition of mixed media works, which embody the seductive colours experienced at dusk.

Flourish | Kate Floyd
Flourish is Kate's first solo exhibition and showcases botanical paintings,
influenced by her time spent in and around Walpole.
As a self taught artist, Kate has been fortunate to study under such renowned artists
as D'hange Yammanee, Becky Blair and Jennifer Sadler.
Kate uses a variety of media including acrylics, oils, collage, printing and encaustics.

JOURNEY | Leanne Fry

Petrichor Gallery is so proud to present this exhibition by Nornalup artist, Leanne Fry. Leanne works principally in encaustics and in her first solo exhibition will premiere works created using the finest locally produced beeswax.
K2tog | Sarah Walker and Jo Court

K2tog (Knit two together) is a joint exhibition by Sarah and Jo of the Peaceful Bay Beanie Co. See knitting in a new and contemporary form as sculptures, paintings and wearable art.
Wilds | Elizabeth Edmonds

Inspired by the beauty of her surroundings, Elizabeth explores personal connections within the local landscape - its wildness, remoteness, light, mists, trees and atmosphere. 'Wilds' brings all these elements into focus and captures them through landscape drawings and paintings.
Convergence | Justine Gamblin

Through the use of imagery of animals grouping together, in particular schooling fish, Justine explores aspects of identity. Using this symbology to create drawings and prints on paper she investigates ideas to do with her own connectivity to others and her identity in relation to family, ancestry, genetic make-up and life in a small community.
littleBIG Art Prize 2018

The 2018 littleBIG Art Prize was a resounding success. Entries for the 2019 littleBIG Art Prize will open in October 2018.
First Impressions | Lana Daubermann
Lana is a former West Australian, now residing in Melbourne. Lana works mainly in oils, capturing the beauty and colour of our spectacular native plants in her still life paintings. Lana describes her work as impressionist tonal style and this exhibition will be her first solo show and promises to be absolutely spectacular.

needles+thread | Caitlin Stewart
It is wonderful to have Caitlin come back to Walpole to present her first solo exhibition. A former primary school teacher in Walpole, Caitlin now lives and works in Narrogin. Caitlin has mastered the art of sewing to create amazing pictures and 3 dimensional artworks that capture the intricate patterns and beauty of nature. Caitlin's works have already proven to be extremely popular and this exhibition will be a showcase of her exceptional talent.


Stephen Draper | Elizabeth Edmonds

Stephen and Elizabeth combine their artistry
to take us on a journey along our wonderful coastline
Stephen designs and creates sculptural pieces working in various media, primarily teak, capturing the flow and movement, the depths and shadows of sea life . . . above and below the waterline.
Elizabeth is a visual artist who's love of the natural environment is expressed through pencil, ink, acrylic and watercolour.