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littleBIG Art Prize 2019

The 2019 littleBIG Art Prize was a resounding success.

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Entries for the 2020 littleBIG Art Prize will
open in September 2019.
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Megan Anderson | Bronwen Newbury | Anna Anderson
2nd March 2019 - 3rd April 2019

In RELATED, three sisters paint the things around them: the natural world, the urban landscape, and the people and hounds who wander through both.

Bronwen Newbury's well known beach scenes make way for foliage and wild blooms, in a gently playful ode to things that grow. In her abstract landscapes, Anna Anderson continues her exploration of colour and form with a highly evocative collection of urban scenes. Megan Anderson's canine preoccupation remains in this work, whose focus is on the relationships between people and dogs, and the settings in which they gather.
OLB BONES - shape shifting banksia
Holly Story
April 6 - May 5 2019

In OLD BONES - shape shifting banksia, artist Holly Story gives a personal perspective on the beauty of the plants, their meaning and the delicate future they hold in our landscapes: