Previous Exhibitions at Petrichor Gallery
Petrichor Gallery is invites you to the exhibitions of
Beneath the Bark | Clive & Jenny Kendrick
FLOAT | Tania Porter
as part of the 2019 Southern Art + Craft Trail
Beneath the Bark is a culmination of work created by husband and wife team Clive and Jenny Kendrick. A range of turned pieces: platters, hollow forms, spheres, boxes, lamps and graphic styled artwork all come together in celebration of both beautiful timber and the inspirational forest environment surrounding the artists' home in Walpole WA.

FLOAT is Tania Porter's first solo exhibition. Tania makes small, precious, one-off and limited-edition studio glass that has a personal narrative. Knowing from the start that her exhibition would be inpsired by the ocean, Tania has spent many hours in her studio conveying ideas into decorative and functionaly works in glass. Drawings of microscopic organisms by Ernst Haekel and photographs of coral reefs are her biggest inspirations.
The exhibitions will be open daily 10am - 4pm
15th September to 14th October 2018