Previous Exhibitions at Petrichor Gallery
Petrichor Gallery invites you to the exhibition of
The exhibition is a multi-dimensional ceramic sculptural show - Women on a Wire - exploring women's minds and bodies. The concept for this body of work began many years ago when the artist's daughter went through an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. It has morphed into an exhibition exploring how women can be challenged through difficult times and come out stronger, physically, mentally and socially.

Luda is a ceramic artist of Ukrainian descent, who originally ran a pottery business in Walpole. After her pottery years producing kitchenware, she took on more creative aspects of working with clay. She uses her pottery wheel skills in making human forms, and combines colour and texture to transform clay into sculptural works. Currently she expresses her art in exhibition work focusing on aspects of the human condition.

Her latest body of work is called
Women on a Wire and was first shown in January 2018 in Perth. It is having its second showing at Petrichor Gallery in Walpole on the south coast of Western Australia. Luda's Women on a Wire exhibition is accompanied by a number of written works by women sharing their experiences.

The exhibitions will be open daily 10am - 4pm
10th November to 2nd December 2018