Tania Porter

Tania makes small, precious, one-off and limited-edition studio glass that has a personal narrative. Inpsired by the ocean, Tania has spent many hours in her studio conveying ideas into decorative and functionaly works in glass. Drawings of microscopic organisms by Ernst Haekel and photographs of coral reefs are her biggest inspirations.
Bleached I
38cm x 18cm x6cm
Bleached II
24cm x 25cm x 8cm
Bleached III
53cm x 31cm
20cm x 61cm
Breaking the Surface
27cm x 26cm
27cm x 27cm
Discospira helicoides
2 pieces
15cm x 3cm
$165 each
Crystal Jellyfish
15cm, 20cm, 30cm diameter
clear, pale aqua, purple, ink
10cm diameter
$1225 each
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